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Diving slowly into entrepreneurship in 2006, Elizabeth Jennings began a beauty business in 2008 as a solopreneur. After much hard work, dedication and faith moves, she is a successful Beauty Business Entrepreneur with three locations to date that specialize in Esthetics Services. Eyelash Extensions are her specialty, and her business locations specialize and thrive in this niche service! Featured multiple times on a live local news outlet, and an Expert Contributor in a popular local magazine, she has the voice and wisdom to share her expertise. As a Beauty Business CEO, Beauty Business Strategist, and Licensed Esthetician & Master Lash Artist, Elizabeth has experienced a lot in the industry of beauty. She is speaking on the good, the bad and ugly truths that exist in the business of beauty. But as an encourager and a person full of faith, she is here to inspire beautifully. You will also get the B.I.B.L.E., which is Business, Inspiration, Beauty, Life & Enjoyment. New episodes will be posted weekly each Tuesday to begin a beauty-filled week.


Being Beautifully Honest


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