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Here is where we’ll identify some of the biggest gaps in the B2B the Sales and Marketing Continuum and how to close them. Joining me will be an array of the most reasonable and smartest folks in the B2B space. You'll have heard of some of them, and some you might not know, but should.I’ll host a series of interviews spotlighting the material gaps thwarting our success in the Marketing/Inside/Field Sales Continuum and offer real solutions in how to close them.While the B2B space has suffered over time from way too many bright shiny objects, I stand with those who are concerned that we are suffering from the deluge of content and the void of a meaningful understanding of what’s working and what’s not - which is also absolutely tied in to the challenges we have with the data.If you have any feedback, questions or topics you want me to cover I’m MaureenB2B on twitter and


Maureen Blandford


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