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Each week we’ll explore a topic together as a starting place for a conversation presented to help you get where you want to go...whether it’s life, love, a job or a business. Whether you are a busy professional, newly single, an aspiring business owner, a parent grappling with family issues, and empty nester or a caregiver, 9-Hour Reset is where we’ll talk about the Life of Your Business and the BUSINESS of YOUR LIFE! Host Marilee Driscoll is a published author, business strategy consultant and life coach, who earned a business degree with a concentration in finance. Add to that two sons in their twenties, personal experience in everything from divorce to dating and dieting after age 50, and a sense of humor, and you can imagine how Marilee’s 9-hour-RESET show can help YOU accomplish your goals. Experience live coaching on the phone – always done with a combination of clarity, action steps, kindness and compassion. 9HourRESET is the radio show for anyone who wants to RESET the life of their BUSINESS or the business of their LIFE!


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