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Whether you're an entrepreneur, a startup, an old hand in a small business, managing someone else's business or just dreaming of running your own biz, 5 Minute Biz will inspire and empower you. And it's not just the practical stuff, though that's important. It's also about doing the 'inside work' that makes all the difference. After all, your success isn't so much about what you do, but about who you allow yourself to be. Discover how to handle your hidden blocks, fears, excuses and worries, so you can stop sabotaging your dreams and make the difference you dream of in the world, your business and your life. Catch each episode at and join Clare's Backstage Pass at


Clare Josa, Mentor To Passionate World-Changers, Published Author, NLP Trainer, Meditation Teacher, Reformed Engineer, Busy Mum


Management & Marketing, Podcasts, Business, Religion & Spirituality, Spirituality, Health, Self-Help
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