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We are empowering employees and small business owners to manage their own finances using layman’s terms to simplify putting their hard earned money to work. We’re here sharing our past mistakes and breakthrough moments with our fellow cashmates in this never ending school of personal finance, so you can learn the shortcuts that apply to your unique situation. We’ve already consumed thousands of blogs, books and podcasts along with digging out of our own holes to share what we’ve learned from people like Mr. Money Mustache, Dave Ramsey, Time Ferriss, Tony Robbins, Suze Orman, Jim Cramer, Jack Bogle, Warren Buffet and Pat Flynn. We hate fancy words and consider our show the layman’s guide to simple personal finance, investing, taxes, frugal living, saving money, budgeting, entrepreneurship, freelancing, early retirement, financial freedom/independence, travel hacking, student loans, paying off debt, avoiding credit cards, real estate and life hacks.


Kevin Griffin and Sean Merron: Frugal Evangelists, Money Nerds and Life Hackers


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