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This podcast is all about educating pool techs, promoting professionalism, and improving customer communication. We want to provide the pool service industry with a set of ideas, principles, and techniques to help you run a more successful business, take care of your pools more quickly, and make more money – in other words, we’ve developed a new approach to your pools, your customers, and your work. We were not satisfied with the way our businesses were going, so we used our life and business experiences to analyze our residential pool service business. As a result of this we believe that we’ve developed a better way to service pools, take care of your customers, and make more money. We’ve tried these ideas and principles and they have worked for us so we know they will work for you. Come along with us to listen, learn, and laugh your way to more success in your pool service business with the 15 Minute Pools Podcast.


Gary & Maurice / Professional Swimming Pool Service


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