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You've got a dream, you're building a business and you're doing most of it on your own. You are the one waking up at 5am and going to sleep at 1am because you want to see your dream business turn into your main business.#dactalk is a real life conversation between entrepreneur host, Dave Shrein and real life entrepreneur small business owners. Join us every other Tuesday through Google Hangouts on Air and Twitter for a live episode. Each conversation focuses on a specific topic relevant to the art of building a business from what should be on your website to the goals you need to have set all the way to how to facilitate a meaningful creative process and finding yourself right.No matter the topic the principle mission of #dactalk is to provide a transparent view of the successes and failures we all encounter as we seek to invest our lives in realizing our dreams.Listeners will be inspired, empowered, informed and liberated to grow their businesses in line with their unique gifting and common best practices. No matter what you're selling, how long you've been selling it or who you're selling it to - #dactalk is the constant reminder that you're not alone.There is a world of entrepreneurs just like you out there making their dreams a reality and we are waiting to hear from you!


Dave Shrein


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