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Zengineering Podcast is for everyone who loves Science & Technology and also cares deeply about the beauty of Life's Big Questions. We (Adam & Brian) are obsessed with the spot where modern Science, Technology & Engineering meet Philosophy, Art & Spirituality. As proud wearers of lifetime nerd badges, we have found this to be the place where the most interesting questions are both formulated and discussed. Through Zengineering Podcast we discuss lots of tech, dive deeply into science and engineering, and go on lots of random tangents in a pursuit of how to build mental models of the world that inform and guide our actions in positive ways. We do our best to share this exploration. Episodes are released every two weeks, with the occasional bonus in between. Please rate us on iTunes, support us on Patreon, and visit our website at


Adam & Brian


Technology, Podcasts, Science & Medicine, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences
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