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Matt Boettger from the Living the Real blog, offers a weekly “tuneup” or “kick in the pants” (however you want to look at it) in the areas of life, leisure, labor and love. Many blogs offer practical advice in a very specific area of life. Matt believes that if we are going to be an incredible father, mother, entrepreneur, et cetera, we need to examine our life as an integrated reality. Want to be better at you job? Then let’s look what your relationships with our spouse, kids, friends, employees as well. Matt gets to the core of what prevents us from being “successful,” offering concrete advice on how to rise above the mundane life to truly leave a legacy! Matt’s background in computer science shines through when he offers concrete tools on how to better automate our lives through technology so we can have more time to do that which matters most. Finally, Matt explores what prevents us from truly focusing on those important things in life, providing practical advice on how to overcome our fear of failure, and provide a plan to achieve greatness. Don’t want the next five year to be like the last five years? Subscribe now.


Matt Boettger


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