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For the last twenty years I have been a police officer in the north west of England and its fair to say I have had the emotional kitchen sink thrown at me during that time.Investigating serious and fatal road traffic collisions and supporting the families of victims you can't help but be affected by those events.Exploring our own well being, picking away at current themes and interviewing people who have endured everything only to have found that they survived, for some only just.Speaking with well being professionals and working on the principle that no one has a problem unique to themselves, sharing ideas and experiences that individually belong to everyone of us.I will also be sharing some of my own experiences along the way, some of which nearly finished me but have ultimately have made me stronger.Making use of the latest mobile tech, these podcasts are recorded using iPhone, Ferrite recording app and various Rode microphones.These are my opinions based on my own experiences throughout the years. They are not to be taken as fact and my views do not represent anyone else other than myself unless a third party contributor expresses their own views, invited or otherwise. I exercise no editorial control over those third party views and as such publishing such views are not be taken as an endorsement. My aim, in the true nature of journalism is to present all sides of an argument and let you the reader decide on a conclusion.


Dave Thomas


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