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Voca-P is a Vocaloid Centric Podcast, hosted by Demosthenes Alathea of Vocaloidemo and Whisper-P of Vocallective with his own albums, with an idea on reaching new and veteran fans of the Vocaloid fandom and their music! Vocaloid is a Vocal Manipulation Software created by YAMAHA to help small people create big music- either with single singers, duets, quintets, or even Vocaloid/Human hybrid- the limits are literally endless. We outreach in the English language to everyone who wants a listen or just can't understand Japanese for about an hour. This podcast is bi-weekly starting Saturday, October 29, 2016 at 3:00 PM Central Time, and will continue the same time every 2 weeks. You can count us talking on serious matters and fun ones too. We will focus on the tasks at hand and will talk about Vocaloid News, Upcoming Vocaloid Album Releases, Vocaloid Artists, Producer Interviews, Small Producer Showcases, and slightly more media like Anime, Video Games, non-Vocaloid music, and anything else we come up with- or even what you suggest! We are open for ideas! We have things lined up and you can check us out on, iTunes, Spotify (Maybe), Stitcher, Google Play, My YouTube Channel (Demo VD), and more- we just have to find more! Leave feedback for us to gain status and perfection. We want 100% availability to everyone and anyone who wants to know more about Vocaloid or learn something new! Welcoming Everyone!


Demosthenes Alathea/Whisper-P


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