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“In Canada, as soon as you write down and you create the comic strip and you put pen to paper, you have author rights - right from that point of the creation.”
~ Paul Lomic.

Ever wondered how to copyright artwork?

If you’re an artist, illustrator or any other kind of creative, there will most likely come a point in your career when you feel the need to protect your work and prevent others using it without your permission.

After all, in recent years, there have been several high profile cases of large companies such as clothing giant H&M using another artist’s work without giving them due credit, and it can be intimidating (and potentially very expensive) for an individual creator to take on the big boys.

So what can you do to protect your Intellectual Property (IP) and make sure your ideas are safe from larger predators?

Step forward IP and social media lawyer, Paul Lombic - an expert in helping individuals and small businesses protect themselves from unauthorized use of their creations.

In this week’s podcast interview, he explains how copyright law varies from country to country, and how all creatives can get essential advice on how to copyright artwork for much less than you might think.

Highlights From This Podcast:

  • Why, in Canada, your author rights begin as soon as you put your idea down on paper
  • A quick, easy and completely free way to prove you created something first
  • The complex area of trademarks and how to avoid copyright infringement
  • Why a free consultation with an IP lawyer can help point you in the right direction
  • Why protecting your IP and learning how to copyright artwork from an early stage is so important

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